Why is EVERYONE Buying This Sound Bar??

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Sound bar là một hạng mục ngày càng phát triển trong không gian rạp hát gia đình. Một số hoàn toàn có thể tạo ra âm thanh đa phòng. Một số hoàn toàn có thể tạo ra âm thanh vòm ảo. Một số, như Sonos Beam mới, thậm chí còn được tích hợp sẵn Trợ lý Google hoặc Alexa. Nhưng còn chiếc sound bar bán rất chạy nhất này của Amazon thì sao?

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45 thoughts on “Why is EVERYONE Buying This Sound Bar??

  1. Vincent Ferreira says:

    You would be surprised how many people come into my job looking for this p.o.s. And when I tell them “you’re not going to get what you want out of it” they say “I’m sure it’s fine.” Then, as always, they bring it back and take my original advice anyway 🤣🤣

  2. Jeffrey Bower says:

    i can easily find a soundbar that i need a lot cheaper and save me tons of money and only spend less than $30!!🤣🤣

  3. Sarah Wheeler says:

    Sorry I'm not very good with Electronics but I just have a question can you hook up a sound bar to a projecter???

  4. Herendill says:

    Imagine just making TV with decent speakers, right? Oh wait, who then will buy separate speakers? Why don't sell TV and speakers separately, just put some shit speakers into a TV so people will have to buy it. Not like they must buy it right? Yea right.

  5. Jackson E says:

    Do not use this with a Vizio TV. The remote will control both the TV and the sound bar. And if your lucky like me. When you hit power on the TV remote it turns off the sound bar and turns your fireplace on down below……

  6. Tami dis says:

    Day 36, 2021:
    Sound scoops review still unseen. I'm beginning to believe this is the end.
    If you're seeing this message, we didn't get the review😩

  7. Shadow Blade says:

    ngl, id actually be happy with the lg speakers but id still buy this since im broke af and can't afford the lg monitor

  8. Rick Ramsowr says:

    I all but killed myself yesterday when I found myself tripping on one of those handful of loss wires found under my desk. And yes I do have a so called wiring trough mounded under the back of my desk.

  9. dan raz says:

    I didn't see this video before but I had done a similar thing with my SONY and the results were ENHANCED!
    you can use anything that can echo or reflect the sound towards you or the Front area.
    Normally 45-degree angle roughly.
    You can use tape or something to stick something to the back of your TV.
    It is a FREE upgrade!

    Just don't let the SNOBS catch you with those! 🙂

  10. JustLanceThings says:

    Omg the calendar in the background during the Thermaltake segment

    Sunday: Feed Cat
    Monday: Go Grocery Shopping
    Tuesday: Spend Time w/ Wife
    Wednesday: Game
    Thursday: Cry
    Friday: Cry Some More
    Saturday: Yay! Weekend

  11. Izaak Gray says:

    Some notes from a loudspeaker nerd (manufacturer):
    1) We actually don't want resonance inside the cabinet. The benefit of a larger cabinet is that as we get lower into the frequency band we don't get a raising impedance inside the cabinet (i.e. the cabinet itself starts back resonating into the driver constricting motion). This is due to the fact we need a quadrupling of excursion maximum per halving of frequency in a direct radiating device emanating a fully spherical wave (in an ideal loading situation, this only halves when the wave is planar). There are various methods to combat this raising impedance including a) having a massive cabinet b) porting c) complicated loading setups like transmission lines.
    To combat the resonance alone we deliberately dampen the cabinet with dampening materials.
    2) A surround sound setup isn't considered strictly "audiophile" and instead is considered to be in the realm of "home theatre", though it can be. This is because the vast majority of program material is 2 channel only, which would require interpolation (and therefore some inherent distortion) across the extra speakers. Most extremely expensive/high end setups are stereo only for this reason, though it's entirely possible to do this in multi point, it's just becomes multiple times more expensive without increasing fidelity.
    3) The gold standard of an audiophile system is to have someone stand in the dead centre of your front pair, and speak at you, then have that same speech played back in a recording. Can you hear the difference? Probably yes. If so, it's failed. In fact, there's very little that reaches this goal. It's certainly not something most manufacturers are focused on – they're focused on form, price, and euphony. That is dictated by wifes, husbands, room sizes, advertising and the laws of physics. Your demo of a recording of these devices really shows just what a terrible job most systems do.

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