HOSA, or Health Occupation Students of America, is an international student organization that aims to promote career opportunities in healthcare and enhance the quality of healthcare in communities. Founded in 1976, HOSA provides resources, opportunities, and leadership development programs for its members, who are students interested in pursuing health-related professions. With over 250,000 members in over 5,000 schools across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, HOSA is a leading organization in the field of health and wellness education. HOSA members are prepared to become leaders in the global health community, equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience to create positive change in healthcare systems and beyond.

What Makes Hosa Different From Other Career Tech Vocational Organizations

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HOSA, or Health Occupations Students of America, is a national organization focused on preparing students for careers in the healthcare industry. Here are a few ways in which it stands out from other vocational organizations:

1. Health-centered: HOSA is the only national organization specifically focused on preparing students for healthcare careers. While other organizations may offer similar skills and training, HOSA’s focus on healthcare gives it a unique identity and mission.

2. Competition-based: HOSA offers competitive events, including health science events, leadership events, and teamwork events. These competitions offer students a chance to showcase their skills and knowledge in a variety of healthcare-related areas.

3. Emphasis on leadership: In addition to providing skills training, HOSA emphasizes leadership development. Students can take on leadership roles within their local chapters and develop valuable leadership skills that can benefit them in their future careers.

4. Partnership with industry: HOSA works closely with healthcare industry partners to develop its curriculum and programs. This partnership ensures that HOSA’s training and resources are aligned with the needs and expectations of the healthcare industry.

Overall, HOSA is a unique vocational organization that provides students with specialized training and development opportunities in the healthcare industry. Its focus on health, competition, leadership, and industry partnerships sets it apart from other vocational organizations.

HOSA (organization)

Healthcare student organization
HOSA Logo.jpg
Formation 1976; 47 years ago (1976)
Type Career and technical student organization (CTSO)
Headquarters 548 Silicon Drive, Suite 101
Southlake, Texas 76092
United States
Executive Director
Jim Koeninger
Website http://www.hosa.org/

HOSA – Future Health Professionals, formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), is an international career and technical student organization (CTSO) endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Technology Education Division of ACTE. HOSA is composed of middle school, secondary, and post-secondary/collegiate students, along with professionals, alumni, and honorary members. It is headquartered in Southlake, Texas, and is the largest student organization that prepares students to enter healthcare and similar fields, with membership in the United States, U.S. Territories, Canada, China, South Korea, and Mexico.


HOSA youth meeting with Senator Mazie Hirono in 2013.

HOSA was founded in 1976 out of a task force from the American Vocational Association in order to determine whether a new student organization accommodating healthcare students was necessary.

From November 4–7, 1975, the State Department of Education and Division of Vocational Education in New Jersey with 18 representatives from Alabama, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas voted to form the American Health Occupations Education Student Organization.

On November 10–13, 1976, in a constitutional convention in Arlington, Texas AHOESO adopted bylaws, which also changed the organization’s name to Health Occupations Students of America; elected national leaders; selected colors and a motto; made plans to design an emblem; and set the first National Leadership Conference for the spring of 1978 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

In 2004, the organization dropped the acronym from its name, and began publishing all documents under the brand “HOSA – Future Health Professionals.”

Chartered associations

As of 2020[update], HOSA has grown to more than 50 chartered associations in several countries, including the United States and its territories, Canada, China, South Korea, and Mexico. HOSA’s chartered associations are:

  • Alabama HOSA
  • Alaska HOSA
  • American Samoa HOSA
  • Arizona HOSA
  • Arkansas HOSA
  • California HOSA
  • Canada HOSA
  • China HOSA
  • Colorado HOSA
  • Connecticut HOSA
  • Delaware HOSA
  • District of Columbia HOSA
  • Florida HOSA
  • Georgia HOSA
  • Hawaii HOSA
  • Idaho HOSA
  • Illinois HOSA
  • Indiana HOSA
  • Iowa HOSA
  • Kansas HOSA
  • Kentucky HOSA
  • Korea HOSA
  • Louisiana HOSA
  • Maine HOSA
  • Maryland HOSA
  • Massachusetts HOSA
  • Mexico HOSA
  • Michigan HOSA
  • Minnesota HOSA
  • Mississippi HOSA
  • Missouri HOSA
  • Montana HOSA
  • Nebraska HOSA
  • Nevada HOSA
  • New Hampshire HOSA
  • New Jersey HOSA
  • New Mexico HOSA
  • New York HOSA
  • North Carolina HOSA
  • North Dakota HOSA
  • Ohio HOSA
  • Oklahoma HOSA
  • Oregon HOSA
  • Pennsylvania HOSA
  • Puerto Rico HOSA
  • Rhode Island HOSA
  • South Carolina HOSA
  • South Dakota HOSA
  • Tennessee HOSA
  • Texas HOSA
  • Utah HOSA
  • Vermont HOSA
  • Virginia HOSA
  • Washington HOSA
  • West Virginia HOSA
  • Wisconsin HOSA

Mission statement

The mission of HOSA is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience.


The official HOSA uniform consists of a navy-blue suit with maroon accent in the form of a tie for men or a scarf for women. The HOSA emblem is affixed to the suit jacket.

International Leadership Conferences (ILCs)

2003 NLC in Atlanta

Members meet annually at an International Leadership Conference held in late June in cities across the United States. Selected major cities for hosting the conference rotate every few years. Over 7,500 students participate in general sessions, competitive events, and leadership experiences, all while networking with health sciences students representing nearly all 50 states and countries including Canada, China, and Mexico.

Previous and scheduled upcoming ILCs
Year Dates Convention center City
2002 June 26–29 Anaheim Hilton and Marriott Anaheim, California
2003 June 18–21 Atlanta Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton Atlanta, Georgia
2004 June 23-26 Marriott World Center Orlando, Florida
2005 June 22-25 Gaylord Opryland Hotel Nashville, Tennessee
2006 June 21-24 Anaheim Hilton and Marriott Anaheim, California
2007 June 20-23 Marriott World Center Orlando, Florida
2008 June 18-21 Adam’s Mark Hotel Dallas, Texas
2009 June 24-27 Gaylord Opryland Hotel Nashville, Tennessee
2010 June 23-26 Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Orlando, Florida
2011 June 22-25 Hilton Anaheim Anaheim, California
2012 June 20-23 Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Orlando, Florida
2013 June 26-30 Gaylord Opryland Hotel Nashville, Tennessee
2014 Jun 25-28 Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Orlando, Florida
2015 June 24-27 Hilton Anaheim Anaheim, California
2016 June 22-25 Gaylord Opryland Hotel Nashville, Tennessee
2017 June 21=24 Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Orlando, Florida
2018 June 27-30 Dallas Convention Center Dallas, Texas
2019 June 19-22 Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Orlando, Florida
2020 June 24-27 Virtual ILC Virtual Conference
2021 June 23-26 Virtual ILC Virtual Conference
2022 June 22-25 Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center Nashville, Tennessee
2023 June 21-24 Dallas Convention Center Dallas, Texas
2024 June TBD George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX
2025 June 18-21 Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center Nashville, Tennessee
2026 June 24-27 Dallas Convention Center Dallas, Texas

|June 23-26
|Baltimore Convention Center
|Baltimore, Maryland
|June 28-July 1
|George R. Brown Convention Center
|Houston, Texas

Competitive events

HOSA offers 82 competitive events, ranging from skill-based to leadership and team-based. The event groups are as follows: Health science, health professions, leadership, and recognition events. Members compete at the regional, state, and international levels. Those who place in the top three positions at the state level are given the opportunity to compete at the international level.



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