Transitional kindergarten is a bridge between preschool and kindergarten. It is typically for children who are younger than the cutoff age for kindergarten. Transitional kindergarten is a two-year program that focuses on preparing children for kindergarten by introducing them to a more structured school environment and teaching them the basic skills they will need for kindergarten. It is a more hands-on approach to learning, with more emphasis on play-based activities.

Kindergarten is the start of a child’s formal education and focuses on teaching more academic skills such as reading, writing, and math. It is typically for children who are of the appropriate age for kindergarten. Kindergarten is a one-year program and focuses on teaching the skills that are necessary for a child to be successful in the first grade.

Transitional kindergarten

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transitional kindergarten (abbreviated TK) it is a California school grade that serves as a bridge between pre school and kindergarten, to provide students with time to develop foundational skills necessary for success in school in an environment appropriate to the student’s age and development. It’s not called preschool because it usually comes after preschool and before kindergarten.

Transitional kindergarten is also available at some schools in other states and can serve as a stepping stone between preschool and kindergarten, especially for children with birth dates close to their state’s kindergarten cutoff date. .


The series was created by the Kindergarten Readiness Act (SB 1381), authored by Sen. Joseph Simitian and President of the Senate for Time Darrell Steinbergand sanctioned in 2010 by Gov. Schwarzenegger. The law also changed California’s relatively late kindergarten entry date from December 2 to September 1, so that about 95% of children will have turned five years old on the first day of kindergarten (at any given time). moment in mid/end of August) and the few who have not yet completed the fifth year at least soon after the first day. A child is automatically eligible for Transitional Kindergarten if they turn five between September 2nd and December 2nd. start regular kindergarten with the same batch of kids who attend regular preschool (December 3rd to September 1st) It’s important to get kids ready for kindergarten. The transition period will help them learn all the school readiness skills they will need to thrive in school. These skills include areas of health and physical skills, social and emotional development, language skills, learning approaches and general knowledge, according to research from first things first resource. However, by law, parents should not petition the school district to have your child admitted to regular kindergarten if the child is born on or after September 2.

Transitional Kindergarten is part of the public school system and is free for families. Classes are taught by certified K-12 teachers. Existing funding for those children with fall birthdays who would have been eligible for kindergarten on the old kindergarten entry dates is redirected to the transition kindergarten and used to employ existing teachers and classroom facilities.

The law implements the new age requirement by moving the cut-off date one month per year for three years, starting in the fall of 2012. who attend Title I schools – will benefit from transition kindergarten.

AR, the American Research Institutes, recently released a report on TK’s first year statewide, which found that 89% of districts reported offering transitional kindergarten, representing 96% of the state’s kindergarten population. An estimated 39,000 four-year-olds were served in the first year of implementation.

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