The International Advertising Federation (IAF) includes data on global advertising spending, media trends, and market research in its annual report. It also provides analyses of industry trends and developments, as well as insights into the digital media landscape. Additionally, the IAF publishes data on global digital and traditional advertising trends, including spending, reach, and engagement metrics. The report also includes analysis of the impact of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, on the industry.

International Advertising Association

International Marketing Industry Association

The International Advertising Association (IAA) is a global association representing marketers, advertising agencies and the mass media that serve ads. Headquartered in New York, United States, it has chapters in 77 countries. It was founded with the name Export Advertising Association on April 8, 1938 by Thomas Ashwell – an editor of “Export Trade & Shipper” magazines, along with 12 other managers of advertising industry at the Harvard Club of New York. The aim was to exchange information on successful practices in advertising. In 1954, it adopted its current name.

IAA as an international industrial association positions itself as a platform for advertising industry issues and as an organization that protects and promotes freedom of expression. commercial speech, responsible advertising, consumer choice, and the education of marketers by researching and providing literature on advertising regulation in many countries around the world. The International Advertising Association has conducted and summarized research over the years on culturally sensitive topics such as the relative usage and permissibility of “sex and decency” in advertisements.

role and priorities

According to John Jones, the IAA is a global organization that promotes the “critical role and benefits of publicity” and its role in indirectly funding accessible free press in an open society. The association encourages self-regulation to keep advertising “lawful, decent, honest and truthful” and advocates for increased consumer choice and commercial freedom of expression. It is also a forum where advertising and marketing industry professionals discuss issues and concerns in a variety of settings. The IAA supports internship programs for young people exploring job opportunities in the industry, as well as pro bono advertising campaigns on global issues, such as the “Give a Kid a Hand” campaign in 1998.

Meetings, awards and standards

The IAA organizes the biennial World Advertising Congress, a worldwide gathering of advertising professionals. The association also holds regional conferences in which key speakers from regional markets are invited to participate. At these events, it also honors individuals in the advertising industry and mass media who have had a significant positive impact on the International Advertising Association’s mission and priorities. The IAA has developed accreditation standards for advertising degree programs in 35 countries, and these standards have been the basis for 1-year courses at nearly 50 institutes as of 2014.


The IAA publishes an annual report, a membership directory, as well as periodic literature authored by academic scholars, with the aim of keeping its stakeholders informed of changes in laws, issues and perspectives on advertising and marketing.

The IAA began publishing monographs on international advertising in the 1980s, in particular on regulations and self-regulatory initiatives in each country. The association’s literature on the relative perception of similar ads in different cultures and regional regulations is some of the most comprehensive, says Gordon Miracle. For example, Jean Boddewyn’s IAA-sponsored research and publications on issues such as “sex and decency” in advertising show wide relative variation. Key regional concerns vary, according to these IAA studies, from ads being generally perceived as “tasteless”, “sexy” or “sexist” or “objectification of women” or “violence against women” depending on the country researched. IAA monographs are used by professionals in the advertising industry and as teaching materials in the academic community.


The IAA is structured into national chapters, each of which operates with considerable autonomy. The IAA, says Jones, had more than 5,300 individual members and 97 corporate members in 95 countries in 1999. Most of its members are from developed economies, the second largest group of members were from the Asia and Pacific region, while the Middle East , Africa and Latin America accounted for the remainder.

Campaigns and controversies

In 2009 the “Hopenhagen“-campaign was created by the IAA in support of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP15). In the interest of the entire industry, through its chapters, it launched several pro bono campaigns that illustrate the role of marketing communications for economies.

The close connections and collaboration of the IAA – as well as other advertising industry organizations such as the European Association of Advertising Agencies – with the tobacco industry has been controversial.



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