Video The Brutal Open-World Action Game That Has Been Forgotten… – mad max game

Let’s take a new look at the Post-Apocalyptic Open World game ‘Mad Max’. Why wasn’t it more popular? This project did so many things right and for some reason, disappeared and was never really talked about after. When I think of underrated gems, this comes in mind.

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35 thoughts on “Video The Brutal Open-World Action Game That Has Been Forgotten… – mad max game

  1. Adam Hampel says:

    Did anyone else play this game at a particularly transformative time in their life? I remember this game getting me through some struggles.

  2. Anh Minh Phạm says:

    The ground combat of this game shouldve been the standard for every batman games ,the animations are smooth, on point and fast paced but doesnt have ridiculous inhuman movements ,and ur character doesnt slide on the ground like a fkin balerina dancer ,u can feel every punches and kicks when they hit,its just so addictive

  3. szubert - max says:

    I just came back to this masterpiece and I fully intend on beating it 100%
    Also a warning for begginers
    The game is a bit confusing and a little boring at the start but once you upgrade Max, the car and start fighting more types of enemies, it feels amazing trust me

  4. Kerzos says:

    What I really really loved about this game is the sensation of progression. At the beginning, Max is wearing just a pair of boots, pants and a dirty shirt and drives a car that is barely a chair with and engine and four wheels. But at the end of the game you look like a true road warrior with a badass jacket and a beast car that would make any diesel fan get wet

  5. x3lnThp! says:

    One of the best games I played, it was available for free on PSN. Let me see if it's available on PC as well.

  6. Terrell Peoples says:

    The only problem I had with this game was it could have been a little bit longer 3 more hours i hated that ir had to end

  7. Dornpunzel says:

    Nothing to do with wrong reviews. I played it myself and the game gets SOMEWHAT repetitive after a while that it just gets boring and feels like work. Over and over again, after doing the same thing over and over again. More like a tech demo after you played for some hours.

  8. mike plays says:

    It's a cool detail that chum didn't know that the "longshot" was actually called a sniper rifle it's cool that max is pretty much the only person who remembers the old world

  9. JOHN BOYAJY says:

    The storms were awesome and you could find treasure in it this game was amazing well underrated one of the best open world games I've ever played so much fun looking for hidden places awesome awesome game

  10. JOHN BOYAJY says:

    this is one of the best games that came out and it's my favorite game they didn't excellent job recreating the mad Max world I love this game I wish they would make a sequel

  11. _ MyLastName says:

    I've had this game installed and have yet to play it..after seeing this vid,i think tonight is the night!

  12. motorrebell says:

    AWESOME GAME ! , Im hoping theres a Sequel coming and that it will Include some MOTORCYCLE Gangs an the Gyrocopter !

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