The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) is a sex position that can help couples achieve more intense orgasms. It involves the male partner entering the female partner from behind, while the female partner is on her back. The male partner then shifts his body forward so that his pubic bone is aligned with the female partner’s clitoris, and the two partners rock their hips together in a rhythmic motion. This allows for direct clitoral stimulation during intercourse, which can lead to more powerful and intense orgasms for both partners.

Coital alignment technique

Sex position designed to maximize clitoral stimulation

The coital alignment technique (CAT) sex positionknown colloquially as grinding the cornIt is mainly used as a variant of missionary position and is designed to maximize clitoris stimulation during intercourse. This is achieved by combining the “flying high” variation of the missionary position with pressure-counterpressure movements performed by each partner in rhythm with intercourse.


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When used as a variant of the missionary position, the man stands above the woman but moves upward along the woman’s body until his erection, which would otherwise point “up”, is now pointing “down”. , The dorsal side of penis now pressing against the clitoris. Unlike the missionary position, the male’s body moves downwards (relative to the female’s) during the inward motion and upwards in the outward motion. She can also wrap around his legs. The sexual movement is focused on the pelvis, without leverage of the arms or legs. The up (where the female leads) and down (where the male leads) rocking motion of the sexual movement creates arousal that partners allow to develop and peak naturally.

The woman on top variant is known as the reverse coital alignment technique.

history of studies

The coitus alignment technique was first defined by the American psychotherapist Edward Eichel, and the original study was published by Eichel, De Simone Eichel and Kule in 1988 in Journal of sex and marital therapy. Since then, the topic has been studied several times in the same journal.[citation needed]

A 1992 report by Kaplan and his sex therapist trainees described the team’s perfunctory CAT testing, acknowledging that they may have fallen back into old routines after just a few tries for fear of disappointing their partners.[citation needed] His call for other sex therapists to apply more rigorous testing of the technique spurred a series of controlled studies by Hurlbert and colleagues reporting statistically significant results in the treatment of women. hypoactive sexual desire.[citation needed]


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