Should You Buy A Soundbar?

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29 thoughts on “Should You Buy A Soundbar?

  1. Screen Share says:

    NO to sound bar… was so disappointed when I listened my home theater set up and Samsung Q60T.. I returned next day. Soundbar that was like $300 and $500 original price. Never again. You can get $500 home theater system that will sounds 10 times better

  2. Xxx Yyy says:

    Why can’t i find a video about soundbars that tells me what I want to know which is whether it will replace audio out of my tv and whether the volume up/down on the remote will work normally or if I have to have a separate remote for the soundbar?

  3. bcdhifi says:

    These fucking assholes designing TV's have eliminated traditional inputs and outputs and replaced them with wireless/Bluetooth crap.

  4. Lisa683 says:

    I like them. There are often cheap and sound good. simple configuration and then it works. my soundbar costed 200€ and it sound greate for what it is.

  5. SuperVegitoFAN says:

    I got one cause i wanted a single unit speaker for my second display setup… Not expensive and works really well.. wasnt expecting bluetootj but ill take it

  6. Not Pinhead says:

    Why not just skip the bullshit speakers it comes with and just have this instead… oh yeah create a problem sell the solution dickheads

  7. LCTuba89 says:

    My thoughts on different configs of soundbars:
    2.0 = Useless. Extra richness over stock TV speakers, but no punchy bass.
    2.1 = Better than 2.0 and has punchy bass due to the added subwoofer.
    3.1 = Best overall option as it gives you the punchy bass and the all-important center dialogue channel.
    5.1 = Sounds amazing, but rear speaker placement usually depends on subwoofer placement or vice versa. Only get if you know what to expect as far as the setup goes.
    5.1.2/4 = Never owned one of these but just based on my observations you need to make sure your ceiling doesn't have any major obstructions like ceiling fans or hanging lamps. All thoughts from 5.1 also apply here as well.

  8. Yoshimitsu says:

    The answer is: Yes
    You should buy a Soundbar because TV Speakers suck. I cannot hear a single "Booom!" sound from it.

  9. Diminishing Augmentation says:

    Soundbars are terrible for their sleek looks not offering appropriate midrange. I convinced my dad to get a new tv and basic stereo system, and plug the speakers directly into the TV's 3.5mm aux output. It just works.

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