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Photoshop’s Generative Fill tool is changing the way we edit images and create derivative works. With Adobe Photoshop’s powerful AI engine, Generative Fill uses Adobe Stock images to lend pixels to our own images for photo editing and creative use.

In this article, we will explore the techniques of using Generative Fill in Photoshop to enhance the quality of images.

1. Enlarge the frame for better composition

Enlarge the frame for better composition
Enlarge the frame for better composition

Utilizing Generative Fill to extend your frame can be extremely valuable, particularly when there is extra space surrounding your subject. When the focus is not on intricate details, scaling the frame using Generative Fill is the ideal option, especially considering the example is restricted to a maximum of 1,024 pixels per long side.

To expand the frame and fill in empty areas, simply utilize the Crop Tool in Photoshop and apply the Generative Fill.

Select the background after cropping the image
Select the background after cropping the image

Please click on the “Generate Fill” button followed by clicking on “Generate” (leaving the text field empty) to determine which of the three options yields the optimal result. If you require text in order to obtain a different outcome, please provide a brief description, such as “red blank space,” which is what the article was utilized for in this instance.

Enlarge the frame
Enlarge the frame

In such scenarios, the resolution of the extended space is inconsequential since it lacks texture details. It solely showcases the colors and shadows introduced by the Generative Fill.

2. Remove unwanted objects and people

Remove unwanted people on the beach
Remove unwanted people on the beach

Instead of relying on traditional Photoshop tools to eliminate undesired objects and individuals, the Generative Fill tool offers a simpler solution. By selecting the unwanted pixels and clicking, you can easily remove them. In this specific case, the example utilized the Lasso Tool to encircle the elements intended for deletion.

Select all unwanted objects or people
Select all unwanted objects or people

After completing the task, click on “Generative Fill” and then choose “Generate”.

The person removed from the beach
The person removed from the beach

A useful guideline is to refrain from entering any text in the designated box until you achieve the desired outcome when utilizing the “Generate background” function. If that is not the case, employ the selection tools provided in Photoshop to indicate the area that needs processing, then proceed to select “Generate Background” and “Generate”.

3. Create Objects and People

Add objects and people
Add objects and people

You have the option to enhance the appeal of your images by incorporating objects and people. Simply insert your desired frame and input the necessary text in the designated text box.

Objects and people added
Objects and people added

It is recommended that you spend some time making additional selections, as resolution problems may arise. If the “Generative Fill” does not achieve the correct proportions, use the “Transform” tool to reduce the size of objects or people.

4. Change clothes color

Change clothes color
Change clothes color

The ability to change the color of the clothes your subject is wearing is currently unavailable. This feature is considered premium and is expected to be released after the completion of Generative Fill’s Beta phase. However, currently, you can only modify the clothes’ color if you are okay with potentially altering some of the actual clothing items as well.

Blue hoodie
Blue hoodie

Be careful when choosing clothes and utilize the Brush tool on the mask for any necessary adjustments.

5. Add the sky to the image

Add sky to photo
Add sky to photo

By utilizing Photoshop and various other photo editing applications, altering the sky has become a simple task. However, with the Generative Fill feature, you can genuinely enhance the sky of your liking.

Blue sky added
Blue sky added

Simply enlarge the frame using the Crop Tool and utilize the Shape Fill option to generate the sky.

6. Add accessories like hats and sunglasses

Original photo

The Create Content feature allows you to effortlessly incorporate accessories such as hats and sunglasses into your images. The possibilities are endless and solely reliant on your imagination.

More accessories
More accessories

In this scenario, illustrations were included on the jewelry and beverages placed on the railing. Surprisingly, Photoshop can also generate reflections on sunglasses and accurately correct lighting for each object.

7. Changing expressions and facial expressions

Change of expression
Change of expression

In the past, tasks that consumed significant amounts of time can now be completed within minutes using Photoshop. By simply adding a short text prompt like “smile,” you can alter an individual’s facial expression effortlessly.

Change your smile
Change your smile

One approach to accomplish this is to choose a larger area than necessary to alter the expression with more accuracy. This is due to the fact that when someone makes an expression, there are other muscles involved in generating that expression besides the targeted area.

After applying the Generative Fill function, you can enhance the image quality by utilizing a third-party plugin such as PortraitPro.

8. Create reflections

Add reflection
Add reflection

You don’t need to input anything in the prompt to create a reflection. This is possible because Generative Fill’s Positive Fill feature has the ability to analyze the entire image. However, if you desire a high-quality reflection, you should resize the frame by cropping it to allow space for the reflection.

Added reflection
Added reflection

Generative Fill has made it possible to accomplish this task in just a few minutes that previously required multiple steps in Photoshop.

9. Blend two or more photos together

Collage photos together
Collage photos together

To seamlessly combine two or more images, you can utilize the Generative Fill. Start by arranging the images next to each other and then choose the rectangular Marquee tool. This particular tool is highly effective for this task.

Images are combined
Images are combined

This example also chooses a portion of the sky beyond the initially selected area to incorporate clouds. Generative Fill also effectively blends the foreground with various focal points.

10. Create an image from scratch

Create an image from scratch
Create an image from scratch

You can utilize Generative Fill feature to generate images from scratch. Just open a new document in Photoshop and choose the desired size. From there, you can customize various options and create your own picture step by step.

Image created from scratch
Image created from scratch

The Generative Fill tool in Photoshop Beta is incredibly impressive in its creative capabilities. We can anticipate even greater control and flexibility in future updates.

FAQ about 10 ways to use Generative Fill to improve photos in Photoshop

Below are common questions about utilizing the Generative Fill feature in Photoshop for photo enhancement:

1. What is the Generative Fill feature in Photoshop?
2. How can I access the Generative Fill feature in Photoshop?
3. What types of photos can benefit from using Generative Fill?
4. Can Generative Fill automatically enhance the colors and details in my photos?
5. Are there any specific requirements for using Generative Fill effectively?
6. What are the steps to apply Generative Fill to a photo?
7. Can I customize the settings of Generative Fill to achieve my desired results?
8. Does Generative Fill work well with all types of photo subjects?
9. Can I combine Generative Fill with other tools or features in Photoshop?
10. Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using Generative Fill in Photoshop?

Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

1. What is Generative Fill and how does it work in Photoshop?
Generative Fill is a feature in Photoshop that creates new image content based on existing pixels. It analyzes the surrounding image data to intelligently generate new pixels that fit seamlessly into the image.

2. How to access the Generative Fill feature in Photoshop?
To access the Generative Fill feature in Photoshop, go to the Edit menu and choose Fill. Then select Content-Aware under the Use drop-down menu.

3. Generative Fill can be used to improve what aspects of an image?
Generative Fill can be used to improve various aspects of an image, such as removing unwanted objects, filling in missing parts, or adding textures to areas.

4. How well does this feature work with low resolution images?
Generative Fill works better with high-resolution images, as it requires a good amount of detail to generate accurate content. With low-resolution images, the results may not be as precise.

5. What are the basic steps to use Generative Fill in recreating and enhancing part of an image?
The basic steps to use Generative Fill in recreating and enhancing part of an image include selecting the area you want to modify, accessing the Fill feature, choosing Content-Aware, and adjusting the settings as needed.

6. Is Generative Fill capable of processing images quickly or time-consuming?
The processing time for Generative Fill can vary depending on the complexity of the image and the power of your computer. It may take a while for Photoshop to analyze and generate the new content.

7. Are there situations where Generative Fill is not suitable to use?
Generative Fill may not be suitable for certain images with complex patterns, intricate details, or irregular structures. It is best suited for simpler images with clear areas to fill.

8. What are the main effects of Generative Fill in photo editing?
The main effects of Generative Fill in photo editing include seamless object removal, content reconstruction, and texture generation to enhance and improve the overall appearance of an image.

9. Can I customize and adjust the results of the Generative Fill?
Yes, you can customize and adjust the results of the Generative Fill. After the fill is applied, you can use other Photoshop tools like the Clone Stamp or Healing Brush to refine the generated content as needed.

10. What are the limitations and weaknesses of Generative Fill that I should be aware of before using it?
Some limitations and weaknesses of Generative Fill include potential inaccuracies in generating complex details, the need for high-resolution images for better results, and the possibility of slight blending or blending artifacts in certain cases. It is always recommended to review and fine-tune the results for optimal outcome.

Note: You can find detailed answers to these questions in the Photoshop documentation or from relevant online tutorials and news sources.

Generative Fill is a novel feature introduced in Photoshop in 2021, aimed at generating fresh content and automatically populating vacant regions within an image.

To utilize Generative Fill in Photoshop, follow these steps:
1. Choose the Content-Aware Fill tool from the toolbar, and the Fill button will appear.
2. Right-click on the area that needs filling or select the Fill or Content-Aware Fill option.
3. If you select Fill, Photoshop will fill the chosen area with the background color you previously specified.
4. Opting for Content-Aware Fill will prompt Photoshop to utilize an algorithm to generate new content automatically, based on the surrounding context of the selection.

Indeed, Generative Fill possesses the capability to autonomously comprehend and complete the contents of an image by harnessing artificial intelligence to analyze and gather knowledge from diverse image data sources.

What are the customization options available for Generative Fill in the content filling process?

Generative Fill enables you to personalize the content filling procedure by utilizing features such as Scale, Rotation, Flip, and Color Correction. You have the option to deactivate certain features and specify the range for content filling.

Generative Fill is a versatile tool that can be utilized to fill empty spaces in an image, eliminate undesirable objects, restore the background, or generate various creative effects.

Generative Fill has certain limitations. Although capable of generating top-notch new content, it falls short when dealing with blurry, low-quality, or excessively blank images. Moreover, applying Generative Fill to complex images may yield inaccurate or unnatural outcomes.

Yes, Generative Fill can be applied to both duplicated layers and original photos. This guarantees optimal outcomes in photo editing.

To amplify the impact of the Generative Fill, one can consider employing the selection tools to refine the area to be filled prior to utilizing the Generative Fill tool. Additionally, it is advisable to experiment with and modify the options while performing the content filling process to attain superior outcomes.

In which version of Photoshop can Generative Fill be utilized? Generative Fill is exclusively available in Photoshop 2021 and subsequent versions.

Generative Fill is capable of generating creative strokes using existing image data sources to naturally and symmetrically fill empty areas in an image, although it cannot create entirely new content.

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