List of WWE Divas Champions

Listing of professional wrestling champions for the Divas Championship
Record-tying three-time and the longest combined reigning Divas Champion AJ Lee
Longest individual reigning Divas Champion Nikki Bella

The WWE Divas Championship was a women’s professional wrestling championship in the WWE promotion. The championship was generally contested in professional wrestling matches, in which participants executed scripted finishes rather than contending in direct competition. The word “Divas” in the championship’s name refers to the pseudonym WWE Diva, which WWE used to refer its female wrestlers.

The creation of the championship was announced on June 6, 2008, by then SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero as a counterpart to the Raw brand‘s WWE Women’s Championship. The inaugural champion was Michelle McCool, who defeated Natalya on July 20, 2008, at The Great American Bash. On April 13, 2009, the title was moved from SmackDown to Raw as a result of then Divas Champion Maryse being drafted to Raw in the 2009 WWE draft. On September 19, 2010, at the Night of Champions pay-per-view event, Michelle McCool (defending the Women’s Championship on behalf of tag team partner and official champion, Layla) defeated Divas Champion Melina, retiring the Women’s Championship and unifying it with the Divas Championship.

The title was retired on April 3, 2016, at WrestleMania 32, after Lita revealed the new WWE Women’s Championship would replace the Divas Championship. Reigning champion Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks in a triple threat match at the event to become the new Women’s Champion and therefore the final Divas Champion.

Overall, there were 17 different champions. Eve Torres and AJ Lee held the record for most reigns as Divas Champion with three. AJ Lee also had the longest combined reign as Divas Champion at 406 days. Nikki Bella had the longest individual title reign at 301 days, while Jillian Hall had the shortest reign at 5 minutes.

Title history


Name Years
WWE Divas Championship July 20, 2008 – April 3, 2016
Unified WWE Divas Championship September 19, 2010


No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
Days recog. Number of days held recognized by the promotion
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days Days recog.
WWE: SmackDown
1 Michelle McCool July 20, 2008 The Great American Bash Uniondale, NY 1 155 159 From September 2002 until July 2008, the SmackDown brand was without a women’s championship as the WWE Women’s Championship was exclusive to the Raw brand. To remedy this, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero established the WWE Divas Championship as the counterpart title to the Women’s Championship. McCool defeated Natalya to become the inaugural Divas Champion.
WWE recognizes McCool’s reign as ending on December 26, 2008, when the episode aired on tape delay.
2 Maryse December 22, 2008 SmackDown Toronto, ON, Canada 1 216 212 Maria served as the special guest referee.
The championship became exclusive to the Raw brand following the 2009 WWE draft.
WWE recognizes Maryse’s reign as beginning on December 26, 2008, when the episode aired on tape delay.
WWE: Raw
3 Mickie James July 26, 2009 Night of Champions Philadelphia, PA 1 78 79
4 Jillian Hall October 12, 2009 Raw Indianapolis, IN 1 <1 <1
5 Melina October 12, 2009 Raw Indianapolis, IN 1 84 84
Vacated January 4, 2010 Raw Dayton, OH Vacated after Melina sustained a torn anterior cruciate ligament.
6 Maryse February 22, 2010 Raw Indianapolis, IN 2 49 49 Defeated Gail Kim in a tournament final to win the vacant title.
7 Eve Torres April 12, 2010 Raw London, England 1 69 69
8 Alicia Fox June 20, 2010 Fatal 4-Way Uniondale, NY 1 56 56 This was a fatal four-way match also involving Gail Kim and Maryse. Fox pinned Maryse to win the championship.
9 Melina August 15, 2010 SummerSlam Los Angeles, CA 2 35 35
WWE (unbranded)
10 Michelle McCool September 19, 2010 Night of Champions Rosemont, IL 2 63 63 This was a lumberjill match where the Women’s Championship was unified with the Divas Championship. The title subsequently became defended on both the Raw and SmackDown brands and was briefly referred to as the Unified WWE Divas Championship, keeping the lineage of the Divas Championship while the Women’s Championship was retired. Layla was unofficially the co-champion during this reign; she defended the championship in McCool’s place on some occasions.
11 Natalya November 21, 2010 Survivor Series Miami, FL 1 70 70 This was a handicap match also involving Layla as Michelle McCool‘s tag team partner.
12 Eve Torres January 30, 2011 Royal Rumble Boston, MA 2 71 71 This was a fatal four-way match also involving Layla and Michelle McCool. Eve pinned Layla to win the championship.
13 Brie Bella April 11, 2011 Raw Bridgeport, CT 1 70 70
14 Kelly Kelly June 20, 2011 Raw: Power to the People Baltimore, MD 1 104 104 This was a Power to the People special episode of Raw, where Brie Bella‘s opponent was determined by a fan-voted poll. Kelly Kelly received the highest number of votes over Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres.
15 Beth Phoenix October 2, 2011 Hell in a Cell New Orleans, LA 1 204 204
16 Nikki Bella April 23, 2012 Raw Detroit, MI 1 6 6 This was a lumberjill match.
17 Layla April 29, 2012 Extreme Rules Rosemont, IL 1 140 140 Beth Phoenix was originally scheduled to challenge for the title, but was not medically cleared at the time before the match got started. Layla made her return as a surprise challenger for the title. Layla pinned Brie Bella to win the title from Nikki Bella after the twins switched places during the match while the referee was distracted.
18 Eve Torres September 16, 2012 Night of Champions Boston, MA 3 120 121
19 Kaitlyn January 14, 2013 Raw 20th Anniversary Special Houston, TX 1 153 153
20 AJ Lee June 16, 2013 Payback Rosemont, IL 1 295 296
21 Paige April 7, 2014 Raw New Orleans, LA 1 84 85
22 AJ Lee June 30, 2014 Raw Hartford, CT 2 48 48
23 Paige August 17, 2014 SummerSlam Los Angeles, CA 2 35 36
24 AJ Lee September 21, 2014 Night of Champions Nashville, TN 3 63 64 This was a triple threat match also involving Nikki Bella.
25 Nikki Bella November 23, 2014 Survivor Series St. Louis, MO 2 301 301
26 Charlotte September 20, 2015 Night of Champions Houston, TX 1 196 196 If Nikki was counted out or disqualified, she would lose the title per the stipulation.
Deactivated April 3, 2016 WrestleMania 32 Arlington, TX WWE Hall of Famer Lita announced that the winner of the triple threat match in which Charlotte was to defend the Divas Championship against Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks would instead be for the new WWE Women’s Championship, subsequently retiring the Divas Championship.

Combined reigns

Paige was the youngest Divas Champion. She won the title on her main roster debut at the age of 21. She was also the NXT Women’s Champion when she won the Divas Championship, but was forced to vacate the NXT title after winning the Divas.

Rank Wrestler No. of
days held
Combined days held
recognized by WWE
1 AJ Lee 3 406
2 Nikki Bella 2 307
3 Maryse 2 265 261
4 Eve Torres 3 260 261
5 Michelle McCool 2 218 222
6 Beth Phoenix 1 204
7 Charlotte 1 196
8 Kaitlyn 1 153
9 Layla 1 140
10 Paige 2 119 121
Melina 2 119
12 Kelly Kelly 1 104
13 Mickie James 78 79
14 Brie Bella 70
Natalya 70
16 Alicia Fox 56
17 Jillian Hall <1

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