1. Shrek

    Some fan is probably watching this and doing these stuff and their like: oh no I didn’t know I was doing all this I gotta stop!

  2. Zari Itsu

    speaking about bans, I got a ban on my alt acc permanently a year back aka cookiegirl something (don't mind the name I was in a strange cookie era) now one day Im like, imma go on my alt! And then I see a permanent ban thing ,not even a warning and all I did on that account was play obbies and I was barely available on that account and there wasn't even a reason

  3. Lakefart

    When I was. Like 7 or 8 on my old account I wanted robux so I joined a roblox game and it asked for my user and pass. I did not know the password so I just put something random and they hacked me. They kept changing my outfit and I got logged out and couldnt get back in. I think it’s still up it’s called Twinkiedinke. I would try reporting the account and say “ THIS IS MY OLD ACCOUNT I GOT HACKED ROBLOX GIVE ME IT BACK PLS” and ya.