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    Killed by a DayZ hacker ( ImSlowAsFucBoy ) with alt accounts


    Vì tính chất bảo mật ĐƯỜNG LINK nên chúng tôi cần xác minh bằng CODE*


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      1. Nexy♦️

        You can't hack on PS4 you bellend, first of all, the console will be banned from playing online with a hacked PS4, second of all, to develop a hack for DayZ on PS4 it has to be made for PS4 exclusively, who is going to do that when ps4 DayZ is a dead game and it would only work on a modified and hacked PS4 which will instantly be banned from PSN so you can't even play online anyway. DayZ Hacks for PC don't run on PS4, it isn't running on a windows PC it's a proprietary operating system. You are just bad and probably like 13 years old.

      2. UppedYa

        Ummm u hear him pull the pin on his grenade right before u walk out bro LOL…. u walked into a grenade dude how is he cheating… one guy was close and one guy was far… LOL u just suck maybe??? Get off the coast loser LOL

      3. William Magda

        No hacks. I can tell by how often you scroll through your inventory for no reason and don't keep your gun out that you aren't very good. You got shot through the wall because you stood there like an idiot peaking out the side with your bulbous backpack sticking out behind you. Furthermore you were killed with a grenade, explosive deaths make no noise you just die… You can literally hear the pin pull right as you drink from your pot, someone was on the stairs behind you. I'm assuming that wasn't your base because of the smiley face bs and lack of equipment in the crates. So again… Lingering in an enemy spawn point to be childish and not take a vantage point with your back against a wall just proves you are a terrible player lmao.

      4. CarpetWeed69

        Me and my friends got killed by a hacker in Livonia that sat in a shed and if you got any where within like a 100 feet in front of it he would instantly headshot you and grenades would randomly going off in the field when you were near

      5. Jeremiah Horton

        Ok so he shot u fron your right side and hit u in the hip then the hill in front of u … I have seen ppl hit 1000m shots if he shot u while u where in the building then yes an hacker but I dont think he was hacking had some really good shots I've seen it

      6. Marcelo Pina

        A bunch of noobs lol. He got killed by a nade. Someone spawned in the staircase behind him, unpinned a nade, dropped it and ran back down the stairs.
        Btw there is no hacking on PS4, there is only glitching and bug exploiting such as duping.

      7. weslee arnett

        We were raiding a base and I’m 99 percent sure someone had spawned grenades on us because once the first grenade hit us and killed 2 of my friends and after that we started running and another went off on my other friend while we were running and eventually I got hit too.. never saw anyone never heard anything but the grenades exploding. Does anybody know how or what happened?

      8. Indrit Bylyku

        Same thing happened also to me, I'm changing servers every week, I'm a big fan of dayz,but with all this kind of people gaming it's not funny anymore,and that was not a long range shoot but closer shoot,just see the splash of the blood understand the hacker was no more than 20/30 meter away…

      9. BoogeyMan

        If you spam the scope or range finder, you will load in before the wall does and he can shoot you thru the wall. DayZ should have never been released for console in the state its in rn…

      10. Salomon

        Your Problem was the RED blinking icon in right side…u must put on the ground and weit…when it stoping to blinking you can Walk…you Walk in the death