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Lakshmi Narayanan

indian businessman

Lakshmi Narayanan
we were born 1953
Nationality Indian
alma mater Faculty of Engineering at Visvesvaraya University,
PSG Faculty of Technology

Lakshmi Narayanan (born 1953) is the former Vice President and formerCEO in conscious and ex President in ICT Academy. He was CEO and president of conscious until 2006.

He played a leading role in the world information Technology industry for over 25 years, managing divisions and business units across Europe, India and the U.S. Since entering cognitive technologies in 1994, he was instrumental in formulating the company’s strategy and building and managing the organization’s development centers in India, where it is based. A member of Cognizant’s Board of Directors, Narayanan spends a lot of time traveling across the US and Europe to serve clients.

He also served as President in NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) in 2007 – 2008.

Narayanan began his career at Tata Consultancy Servicesgrowing in the ranks of developer, for technologist, for program manager, for business leader. He was regional head of Tata Consultancy Services in India when he joined Cognizant as CTO. He holds Bachelors and Masters in Science and Electronics from Bangalore University (Faculty of Engineering at Visvesvaraya University) and a PG Diploma from PSG Faculty of Technology, Coimbatore. He was also on the board of the National Skills Development Corporationas a representative of NASSCOM.

Narayanan received the award dataquest IT Person of the Year 2008 by IT publication CyberMedia Group, dataquest.


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