Instructions on how to remove objects in photos with Photoshop’s new AI-powered Remove Tool

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Adobe’s new AI-powered Remove Tool, now in Photoshop beta, removes people and objects from your photos faster than ever! This tutorial shows you how to use this amazing tool!

Adobe Photoshop launches Remove Tool: The ultimate AI object removal tool

Adobe has recently introduced a new tool to the list of AI-powered features in Photoshop, and it could be considered the most significant tool to date, with the potential to revolutionize the software’s usage.

The Eraser Tool, which is currently available for preview in the latest Photoshop beta version, utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to effortlessly eliminate individuals, objects, or any other distractions from your photographs solely by drawing over them. Resembling a miraculous capability, the Eraser tool’s c-power will seamlessly replace undesired elements with fresh and exceedingly realistic content that seamlessly integrates into the image, eradicating any evidence of the object’s existence.

To begin with, the Erase tool eliminates the need for selecting or using complex dialog boxes. It is as simple as highlighting the desired person or object, releasing the mouse button, and observing their disappearance. Let’s explore its functionality.

Which version of Photoshop has the new Remove Tool?

At the moment, the Remove Tool is exclusively offered as a preview feature in the most recent beta release of Photoshop. However, this should not pose any significant inconvenience as the beta version of Photoshop is accessible to all users with an active Creative Cloud subscription.

How to remove objects with Photoshop’s new Remove Tool

Here is a simple guide on how to use the Erase in Photos tool to remove people or objects from your photo.

Step 1: Select Remove Tool from the toolbar

In the beta version of Photoshop, you can find the Removal Tool on the toolbar, in the same group as the Magic Brush and other healing tools in Photoshop.

To remove the “Spot Healing Brush” tool (or any previously used tool in the group), click and hold on it. Then, choose “Remove Tool” from the displayed menu.

The Remove Tool is grouped with other healing tools.
The Remove Tool is grouped with other healing tools.

Step 2: Adjust the brush size of Remove Tool

The Remove Tool is not a choice, but rather a cleaning tool. Simply utilize it to paint over the specific area of the object or person that you wish to eliminate.

To adjust the size of your drawing tool, you can utilize the left and right bracket keys ([ and ]) on the keyboard. Press the left square bracket to decrease the size of the drawing tool and press the right bracket to increase its size.

Resize Brush Remove Tool
Resize Brush Remove Tool

Step 3: Draw on the person or object you want to erase

Next, proceed to blackout the body or object that you wish to eliminate from the photo. Ensure that you completely fill in the designated area with black color.

By default, the Delete tool will instantly attempt to delete the person or object once you release the mouse button.

Draw with Remove Tool on body to remove from photo.
Draw with Remove Tool on body to remove from photo.

Step 4: Release the mouse button

Please release your mouse once the brush tool has completely covered the area to be erased. The Eraser’s artificial intelligence will promptly eliminate the object.

The results may not be flawless, but overall, the Remove Tool has performed well. It can swiftly eliminate issues with ease in just a matter of moments.

The person or object will be deleted when your mouse button is released.
The person or object will be deleted when your mouse button is released.

Step 5: Draw on problem areas with Remove Tool to fix them

In addition to deleting the object, the Erase tool has the ability to fix its mistakes. All you have to do is redraw over it.

In the given image, the Erase tool has introduced a detail that appears excessively similar to the adjacent original content.

A repetitive texture needs to be removed.
A repetitive texture needs to be removed.

Therefore, we will utilize the Remove tool to repaint that specific area.

Clean up problem areas with the Remove Tool.
Clean up problem areas with the Remove Tool.

When you click outside, the Erase tool will replace it with new content and the problem will disappear.

Tip: You can use the ‘Erase’ tool multiple times on the same area to paint until you achieve the desired result.

The repetitive details are gone.
The repetitive details are gone.

FAQ about Removing objects in photos with Photoshop’s new AI-powered Remove Tool

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the usage of Photoshop’s new AI-powered Remove Tool:

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What is the Remove Tool?
The Remove Tool is a new feature in Photoshop that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to swiftly and effortlessly eliminate undesired elements from photographs.

The Remove Tool is designed to save your time and energy by removing unwanted objects from images. Unlike traditional tools such as the Clone Stamp or Healing Brush, this tool utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically perform the task for you.

To utilize the Remove Tool, you must first open the image in Photoshop and choose the “Object Selection Tool” located in the toolbar. Next, precisely select the desired object for removal and right-click on it. From the drop-down menu, choose “Delete”. Utilizing artificial intelligence technology, Photoshop will automatically eliminate the selected object from the image.

Which objects can be removed using the Erase tool?

The Eraser tool is capable of removing various types of objects found in an image, such as people, objects, undesired colors, or any other chosen elements.

Are there any situations in which it is not appropriate to utilize the Remove Tool?

The Remove Tool is not appropriate for situations involving overlapping, complex, or obscured objects. In cases where the object you wish to remove is too intricate, you may need to utilize alternative Photoshop tools to address it.

Yes, once you have used the Remove Tool to eliminate an object, you can still utilize other editing tools in Photoshop to modify the outcome, such as applying blur, enhancing brightness, or customizing the color.

No, the use of the Remove Tool does not necessitate extensive design skills. It is specifically designed to be user-friendly and accessible for individuals of all proficiency levels. Nevertheless, having a fundamental understanding of Photoshop’s tools and basics will enhance your ability to utilize the tool effectively.

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