Network Connections

Network connections are the primary way by which computer resources are exposed to external resources. This includes connections over the internet, local area networks (LANs), and other types of networks. These connections allow for the exchange of information between computers and other devices. This can include the sharing of files, the transfer of data, and the sharing of applications and services.

System resource

Any component of a computer system with limited availability, physical or virtual
not to be confused with computational resource.
For other uses, see Resource (disambiguation).
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At the Computingan system resourceor simple resourceis any physicist or virtual limited availability component within a computer system. All connected devices and internal system components are resources. Virtual system features include files (concretely file handles), network connections (specifically network sockets), and memory areas.

Managing resources is called resource managementand includes both prevention resource leaks (not releasing a resource when a process is done using it) and dealing with resource contention (when multiple processes want to access a limited resource). Computing resources are used in cloud computing to provide services over networks.

Main types of resources

General Resources


Some resources, notably memory and storage space, have a notion of “location”, which can be distinguished contiguous allocations of non-contiguous allocations. For example, allocating 1GB of memory in a single block instead of allocating it in 1024 blocks, each 1MB in size. The latter is known as fragmentationand often severely affects performance, so contiguous free space is a subcategory of the general storage space feature.

One can also distinguish compressible resources of incompressible Resources. Compressible resources, usually throughput ones like CPU and network bandwidth, can be benignly throttled: the user will be scaled down proportionally to the throttling, but will otherwise continue as normal. Other resources, usually storage resources such as memory, cannot be limited without causing failure (if a process cannot allocate enough memory, it usually cannot run) or severe performance degradation, such as due to spanking (if a working set does not fit in memory and requires frequent paging, progress will slow down significantly). The distinction is not always clear; As mentioned, a paging system can allow main memory (primary storage) to be compressed (by paging to hard disk (secondary storage)), and some systems allow disposable memory for caches, which is compressible without disastrous performance impact. Electrical power is compressible to some extent: without power (or not enough voltage) an electrical device cannot function, and will stall or crash, but some devices, particularly cell phones, may allow degraded operation with reduced power consumption or may allow the device to be suspended but not terminated, with much lower power consumption.

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