Nikil Viswanathan, co-founder and CEO of Alchemy, told TechCrunch exclusively that the company is focused on providing developers with the tools they need to build and scale blockchain applications. He said that Alchemy is “the first and only infrastructure platform for blockchain developers,” and that it has raised over million in venture capital funding. Viswanathan said that the company is “building the world’s most powerful infrastructure platform for blockchain developers,” and that it is “focused on bringing the power of blockchain to the masses.” He added that the platform is designed to make it easier for developers to build and deploy scalable blockchain applications, and that it is “the only platform that enables developers to quickly and easily build, scale, and deploy blockchain applications in the cloud.” Viswanathan also noted that Alchemy is working with some of the world’s largest enterprises to help them build and deploy blockchain applications, and that it is “committed to making blockchain accessible and usable for everyone.”

Nikil Viswanathan

american software engineer
Nikil Viswanathan
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viswanathan in forbesJanuary 2017
we were born (1987-10-06) October 6, 1987 (35 years)

Nationality American
Education Stanford University
(IN Computer Science, 2012)
Stanford University
(BS Computer Science, 2010)
Lubbock High School
Occupation Entrepreneur
awards Forbes 30 Under 30
Internet site nikilster.with

Nikil Viswanathan is an american entrepreneur and public figure. He is the co-founder and CEO of Alchemy, the blockchain company supported by Stanford UniversityThe President of Google, Charles Schwab, Reid Hoffman, and other billionaire founders and executives. Previously, Viswanathan co-founded for the lunch, the social hangout app for iPhone that reached #1 on the App Store social rankings. He also created Check In To My Flight, a website that allows travelers to automatically check in to their Southwest Airlines flight. In January 2017, he was honored by the forbes with your 30 under 30 award.

childhood and education

Viswanathan grew up in lubbock, texas and attended Lubbock High School. At Lubbock High, he was valedictorian and had the highest GPA in school history. While growing up, he participated in the Boy Scouts of America and was awarded the scout honor.

He was present Stanford University where he completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Computer science with focus in artificial intelligence and machine learning. While at Stanford, he did product management internships at Facebook, Googleand Microsoft. Over the winter break, he built Fountainhop, a widely used campus event platform at Stanford, and, with friends, expanded it to colleges across the country.

for the lunch

Down To Lunch is a social iPhone app created by Viswanathan and his co-founder Joseph Lau. After moving to San Francisco, they said they missed their friends because they worked all the time. After finding it difficult to figure out which of their friends was available when they wanted to hangout, they came up with the idea of ​​being able to press one button to send a hangout request to all of their friends. On a Sunday afternoon in a coding session fueled by “One Direction”, they created the app. Within 48 hours, people all over the world were using the app, even though it was only available as a link on Viswanathan’s Facebook. Down To Lunch quickly began to be used by students at colleges across the country, sometimes growing to be used by over 15% of a college campus within 24 hours without any marketing. The app went on to be the App Store’s #1 app in the social category and #2 overall. Down To Lunch was featured in The New York Times newspaperfront page of yahoo, forbes, Business Insider, TechCrunch, and other international media publications. The New York Times featured a front-page cover story on Down To Lunch in its business section on April 20, 2016.


Dubbed the “Microsoft of Blockchain” by the press, Alchemy was started by Viswanathan and his co-founder Joseph Lau to provide the platform that allows developers to build great blockchain applications. Alchemy feeds 4 million users in 200 countries a week and has been covered in over 50 press articles, including Wired, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Yahoo Finance, and many others. The company announced a financing of US$ 15 million from Stanford University, samsungPanther Capital, CoinbaseThe President of Google, Charles Schwab, jay z, Reid Hoffman, Jerry Yang, Duncan Niederauer, Tom Glocer, Will Smithand other billionaire tech executives, Stanford computer science professors, and professional sports team owners.

Check in on my flight

When visiting your sister in Wharton, Viswanathan had an hour before he was due to leave for a party, so he built a website that would automatically check him into his Southwest Airlines flight. He posted on Facebook and said that over 10,000 people were on the site in just a few weeks. He was forced to turn it off after Southwest Airlines sent him a cease and desist Letter.

Personal life

In January 2018, Viswanathan was named one of “America’s 100 Most Eligible Singles” and San Francisco’s Top 3 Eligible Singles, according to Hinge and Business Insider. He lives in San Francisco.


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