Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) is an international accreditation agency that provides recognition for quality educational institutions around the world. ASIC is recognized by the UK government and is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG). ASIC is committed to providing high quality accreditation services that promote the highest standards of excellence in education. ASIC accreditation is based on rigorous evaluation criteria and assessment of an institution’s educational program, resources, and services. ASIC accreditation is a voluntary process that is open to all educational institutions, regardless of their size, location, or type. ASIC accreditation is recognized as a mark of quality and excellence in education, and is accepted by universities, employers, and other organizations around the world.

Accreditation Service for International Colleges

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The Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) is an independent international education agency based in the United Kingdom. It is an independent entity approved by the government[citation needed] accreditation body specializing in the accreditation of schools, colleges, universities, training organizations and providers of online and distance education, both in the UK and abroad. ASIC was nominated by the UK governmentin Home Office UK Border Agency to inspect colleges seeking to apply for sponsor licenses from the UK Border Agency. They serve the purpose of identifying colleges that actually exist and provide an educational service from fake institutions that exist only to allow international students to obtain fraudulent visas, for example, require students not to attend.

Notable Affiliations

ASIC is approved by UK governmentin Home Office to accredit private UK colleges for visa purposes.

Additionally, it is a member or affiliate of the following organizations:

Please note that membership of these umbrella bodies does not confer ASIC any status or approval. For example, CHEA explicitly states that ‘The International Quality Group (CIQG) of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) is an initiative associated with CHEA, an institutional not-for-profit organization that coordinates accreditation. Eligibility for CIQG membership is based solely on criteria published in CIQG documents. These criteria do not include any review, approval or judgment on the quality of any member. The CIQG membership criteria are separate and distinct from the CHEA membership criteria, are unrelated to the CHEA’s recognition of accrediting organizations, and do not constitute or connote any assessment of CIQG membership by the CHEA. Membership of the CIQG does not constitute membership or review or endorsement by the CHEA.’.

2009 review: “Man in charge of shutting down fake colleges has been fired by the university”

In 2009, The times reported that Maurice Dimmock, director and chief executive of ASIC, had been fired in 2003 from his job at University of Northumbria as director of overseas operations. The article stated that the newspaper had “established that the Home Office had received and ignored concerns about ASIC and Dimmock before awarding the company a contract. Northumbria University wrote to the UK Home Office in May 2007 to question the role the company was about to be given in distinguishing between genuine and fake colleges.” UK Universities, the advocacy group for British universities, has complained to the UK Minister for Immigration about ASIC being given an accreditation role in the UK immigration scheme. In a letter to Internal Affairs Committee, Advocacy UK wrote: “There is a lack of information and transparency about (ASIC’s) administration, governance and financial structures. Several of the colleges it accredits have been associated with inappropriate activities.” The government’s response to this was a statement that the 2007 decision was taken on the basis of Office of Standards in Children’s Education, Services and Skillsreport that they were satisfied with the way the ASIC was operating. ASIC responded to allegations that its work distinguishing between genuine colleges and those that act fraudulently was undermined “by the Home Office’s refusal to tell ASIC how many student visas have been issued for each college it inspects”.

In July 2009, ASIC filed a response memorandum responding to the letter written by Diana Warwick, Baroness Warwick of UndercliffeChief Executive of UK Universities in which she expressed concern at the government’s decision to approve ASIC as one of the accreditation bodies within the new immigration system. In response, ASIC provided information about its accreditation and oversight processes and responded to requests related to the organization’s governance and finances.


As of October 2020, ASIC is headquartered in a semi-detached (duplex) residential property at 13 Yarm Road, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 3NJ. This is also the registered address of Qisan Ltd and Rose Education Foundation Limited. Its directors were Maurice and Margaret Dimmock.

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